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From Dating Disaster To Dating Master – Introduction


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Before we begin, let me start by saying I AM NOT a relationship expert, love coach, marriage counselor, or clinical psychologist. Nor do I claim to be. I am merely a vessel being used to share information that can possible help men and women from all walks of life gain a better understanding on how the choices we make effect all aspects of our encounters with one another. Some things will never change in the dating world. Basic rules will always apply. However this is a new day, and a new era. There’s a whole new set of rules that didn’t apply 20, hell 10 years ago for that matter.

With the onset of down low men (and women). Strains of sexually transmitted diseases that are resistant to vaccine. Women turning the table on becoming the abusers in relationships. And cheaters stepping their game up full force through technology that didn’t exist when your parents were dating. It’s time to pull out all the stops. It’s time to do things differently if we want to improve our end results.

Throughout my own journey I am not ashamed to say I have made many mistakes along the way. However on a positive note, I can say that I have learned from those mistakes. I always say. It’s ok to have once been a fool, but it not ok to stay a fool.  My motto is if you don’t learn the lesson. You will repeat the lesson.

Keep in mind that the advice given does not guarantee that you will meet the perfect person and live happily ever after. Nor is it a guarantee that you will never get hurt again, and everything will be lollipops and roses. What it will guarantee is that you will use better judgment when choosing and courting a potential mate. And when (if ever) you have to step away from a situation. You will walk away knowing that you have tried your very best. You will be able to say to yourself “I gave it my all” with no regrets.

In this unique series, The Love Den Diaries. I will share tips and advice for setting yourself up to achieving happiness in all aspects of your relationships. I will share information on everything from:

  • How to EFFECTIVELY make yourself a man or woman magnet.

  • Flirting and unique dating ideas.

  • Separating the wheat from the chaff. (Weeding out losers and time wasters.)

  • Tips for staying out of the dreaded “friend zone”

  • Advanced sex techniques that will have your lover begging for more.

  • Unleashing your inner slut

  • Maintaining a healthy union with your partner through balance and understanding.

  • Spotting liars and cheaters before it’s too late.

  • Warning signs and red flags of a potential abuser.

  • When to toss in the towel.

These are just a few of the entries in this power packed series. Now I know what you are thinking. PLEASE, not another book on relationships, with regurgitated information. However as I stated earlier, some things will never change and will always bear repeating I will draw information from several reliable sources as well as from my own experiences, but rest assured. You won’t be disappointed or disinterested.

So sit back, pour a glass of wine and check yourself into The Love Den.

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