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Aug 112013

By Cathy Meyer,

If your spouse is having an affair, his/her behaviors will change. What was once normal behavior will be replaced by behaviors in your spouse that you are not used to seeing.

Below are some behavioral changes you will see in a spouse who is cheating:

  • Your spouse becomes concerned about his/her appearance. He/she will pay more attention to how their hair looks. There may be shopping for new, more stylish clothes or clothing themselves to appear younger. Your spouse will pay more attention to hygiene. Maybe even wearing cologne that is out of character for him/her.
  • Your spouse joins a gym. Has your spouse always been a bit over-weight? Is he/she now suddenly concerned with dropping the weight and shaping up? If your spouse has never shown any concern for weight problems before, this new concern should be a red flag for you. More than likely he/she is attempting to become more attractive to someone else.
  • There are changes in sexual behavior. This issue can be two-fold. If your spouse is cheating and learning new sexual tricks he/she may want to try them out in bed with you. Or, they are cheating and have no interest in sex with you.

If your spouse has introduced new sexual tricks into your intimate relationship it is only normal for you to wonder where he/she learned such behavior. If your spouse shows no interest in intimacy with you it is also normal to wonder if he/she is getting sex somewhere else.

  • Has your spouse become short-tempered? He/she may be less tolerant of behaviors by you than normally. A cheating spouse will start arguments over small issues to create a distance from their partner. They will also start an argument as an excuse to leave the house. What better excuse to get away and spend time with the other man/other woman than an argument?
  • Friends of your spouse are behaving oddly.Not only will the cheater’s behavior change but so will that of any friends who know and are covering for him/her. Pay close attention to how his/her friends are behaving around you.Another thing to consider is the behavior of your friends. If you have friends who have learned of your spouse’s affair their behavior toward you will change. Think about it, not many of us would want to break the news to a friend that his/her spouse is having an affair. Just know is bad enough and will surely cause us to act differently around our friend.One thing to keep in mind is that none of the above is proof that your spouse is having an affair. Don’t jump to any conclusions or make accusations of an affair until you have hard, cold proof.