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Hey Girl It’s Ok To Swallow – Extended Read



Chapter Three – Do I Really Have to Return The Favor?

I’m gonna start this chapter out by saying that you know you are wrong for even asking that question. If you have ever had a sexual relationship with someone who was a selfish lover then you know all too well how frustrating it can be watching the other person get off over and over while you lay there wondering what the hell is going on. For those of you who don’t what a selfish lover is, it’s someone who only thinks of themselves when it comes to sex. Not surprisingly this trait usually carries over to other parts of the relationship as well. The selfish lover will make sure they “get theirs” meaning they are going to get off at any cost. If you don’t “get yours” oh well it’s just too bad. This type of lover will want you to go down on them but refuse to return the favor. Or they will outright refuse sex altogether,  just because THEY aren’t in the mood. Some will even go as far as using sex as a weapon to “punish” if they feel like their partner has wronged them. And just as sex is used as a weapon, oral sex runs a close second. There are people who will in fact go down on their lover, but only a special occasion, if they want something, or if they need to use it as part of a makeup session after a fight. You guessed it. It’s straight up manipulation and control for some. For others it’s a matter of them just being a spoiled brat and use to getting their own way. Their lover’s pleas for them to satisfy them go ignored until someone cheats calls it quits, or continues on but remains bitter. For many years women have used sex as a way of getting whatever they want from a man, even if this meant costing them their marriage. It’s no wonder the men are turning the tables when it comes to withholding. One of our calls on Chattin with Candace and Midnite titled My Man Is Rationing The Dick remains our number one most downloaded shows. I must put a disclaimer out there now that states: withholding has been typically done by women when it comes to sex, however there are passive aggressive men who use the “I have a headache” excuse more than women for something as simple as they were angry because they didn’t want to make the trip to the mall. And yes ladies I know many of you complain that YOU are the ones not receiving oral pleasure. Several of you have said that you have stopped taking care of your man in that department because as I started before he was a selfish lover or he didn’t know what he was doing when he got down there. I can’t express this enough, PLEASE take the time to learn what YOUR lover likes in the bedroom. This goes for men and women. The moves that made your ex husband/wife scream to the rooftop may barely get a moan from your current lover. And as I stated in Chapter Two, if your partner outright refuses to try and make the necessary changes to improve your sex life you might want to consider counseling if you are married or moving on if you are not.

Chapter Four – Become A Dick Sucking Diva

5. Don’t Fake it!: If you really don’t want to give your man a blow job it WILL SHOW! One of the biggest complains that most men have when it comes to receiving oral sex is that fact that his lady is not into it. Imagine a guy going down on you and he squirmed the entire time he was down there. What if he made facial express that showed he didn’t like what he tasted or smelled; or if he acted like the whole act of licking the kitty completely grossed him out? This would not leave you feeling very desirable. And I have news for you ladies; don’t think that just because you are doing a lousy job that he will stop wanting oral sex. He may have gotten to the point to where he doesn’t ask YOU for it, but that doesn’t mean he still doesn’t crave it. Men are no different than women in this area, in the fact they want to feel wanted and desired just like you do.


6.Get Me Bodied!: Rub his dick on your body. Nothing turns a man on more than feeling a nice pair of tits wrapped around his boner. If your guy is into titty fucking you can lie on your back and give him both the pleasure of sucking him off while he slides his penis between your breast. If he’s into feet you could start by teasing him with your toes stroking his shaft. You can also assume the girl on top position and use tip of his dick to caress the insides of your thighs, finally letting it touch Miss Kitty. DO NOT let it slide in! You only want him to feel how warm and wet you are for him, then it’s back to giving head. The whole idea is to tease and arouse.


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